Why Hirsch

For all performance upgrades from Hirsch Performance, you will benefit from the following:

– Fully sustained Saab factory warranty
– Excellent vehicle re-sale value
– Full insurance coverage possible
– Endurance tested for up to 800 hours at full power
– All electronic safety systems (ABS, TCS, ESP, etc.) remain fully active
– Environmentally responsible products, homologated to Euro4/Euro5, EPA and CARB requirements
– Conveniently installed and serviced at your local official Saab partner
– Performance upgrade certificate included
– All documents required for street legal re-registration and inspection (including officially certified performance and consumption measurements) included
– Lifetime free software updates included*

The purchase of a Hirsch Performance upgrade increases the driving pleasure that you experience with your Saab even more.Our focus is not only on the sheer performance data when we develop our Saab tuning solutions. We also place special emphasis on harmonizing the power curve with respect to the particular vehicle.
Our products are developed in close cooperation with Saab. In addition to our own test programme, which is performed on the test stand as well as on real roads, our products have to prove themselves on a long time endurance test run at Saab’s test laboratory.
We are proud to be the official performance upgrade partner of Saab Automobile AB. When a customer chooses a performance upgrade option or accessory from Hirsch Performance, their original Saab factory warranty is fully preserved. Insurers will like the factory-backed nature of our performance upgrade options, and where aftermarket solutions can have negative implications for re-sale value, our integrated solutions actually enhance the factory performance, appearance and value.
Despite having performance as our focus we also keep an eye on the environment. Our products are homologated to Euro 4 and Euro 5. This means that the classification remains the same as on the original vehicle.
Your Saab dealer will happily help you to choose the right product for your needs. They also take care of fitting and software installation, so you have a single contact for all matters concerning your car. When ordered with your vehicle, a Hirsch Performance upgrade can be included as part of the original vehicle cost. Accordingly you can include the cost for those individual components in the retailers’ financing or leasing.
We develop our products continuously. You benefit from it through free software updates for the lifetime of your vehicle.*
With the installation, you will receive a performance upgrade certificate, all documents to ensure the vehicle is street legal.

*On the original ECU, Price for installation of the updates as offered by your Saab dealer