2.0T Turbo4 /BioPower

260HP/400Nm Performance upgrade
2.0T Turbo4 FWD BioPower G270004000
2.0T Turbo4 XWD BioPower G270004010

For the second generation Saab 9-5, the reliable 2-litre engine from the Saab 9-3 has been developed further, and equipped with direct injection and a modern twin scroll turbocharger. Perfect conditions for a performance upgrade! With the improved charge cooling with the direct injection, more power and torque than before can be generated; 260hp and 400Nm, and thanks to the twin scroll technology, the throttle response is significantly faster.

Built for the Autobahn
With the performance upgrade from Hirsch Performance, the maximum power is not only available for short bursts of acceleration, but can be maintained, just like the top speed of 250km/h, for hours at a time. Should it be necessary.

No compromises
Just like all other Hirsch Performance upgrades, this performance upgrade is compliant with the same emission regulations as the original car. A world first is therefore that just like the original car, the performance upgrade meets the extremely stringent Euro 5 emission requirements. Service intervals remain unchanged. Vehicles upgraded with Hirsch Performance upgrades remain covered by Saab Original Warranty.