230HP/350Nm Performance upgrade
2.0T manual-2006 F270006201
2.0T automatic-2006 F270006251

The 2.0T engine with its large turbocharger and sporty camshafts provides a good old-fashioned Saab turbo feeling already in the standard configuration. This software upgrade calibrated for 98 octane fuel adds enough torque and power with a beautiful torque curve to make this lightweight car really enjoyable to drive. Of course, since the upgrade is from Hirsch Performance, all engine parameters are kept in safe operating regions to ensure that the engine provides unrivalled reliability and durability regardless of the driving style.





240HP/350Nm Performance upgrade
2.0T 2007- F270006280
2.0T XWD 2009- F270006290
2.0T XWD BioPower 2010- F270006295

The long awaited Saab 9-3 2.0T XWD has arrived and it is a great car to drive. Independent of weather conditions it provides enough grip to feel secure at all times.

The Hirsch Performance software upgrade adds an additional fun factor to the car’s overall driving experience, and makes it a true driver’s car.