Brakes 9-3 / 9-5

9-5 2002-2010 E580005000 -> only spare parts

9-3 2003- F580005050 -> only spare parts

Built for a situation tougher than racing. Rush hour.
Even very impressive-looking multi-piston racing brake system can suffer from overheated brake fluid when confronted with such mundane situations such as repeated hard braking and acceleration manoevers at speeds below 100km/h, when the limited airflow cannot cool the brakes adequately. The reason for this problem is that in a multi-piston design, a brake fluid line needs to be routed very closely past the hot brake disc to reach the outer pistons. This is of course not a problem when racing, when there is always enough airflow to cool the brakes, but for rush hour traffic, this can be critical.
Further, the stopping performance of typical racing brakes with adhesion-type brake pads is highly dependent on that the brakes are slowly heated to operating temperature before being used for hard braking. Cold and rainy weather will have a severe impact on the performance of such brakes. Again, this is acceptable on a race track, but not for the everyday driver.

Therefore, to ensure that with the new Hirsch Performance brake, the stopping power is always available when you need it and not just for a sunny day on the race track, Hirsch Performance has decided to use well-proven, deceivingly low-key single piston technology, and scale it up generously for optimal stopping and cooling performance. The caliper design and the brake pads chosen offer good performance both when cold and when hot, making this brake a truly reliable component for any situation. By using internally ventilated discs without grooves or holes, the brake noise level as well as the heat dissipation through the disc is optimised.

No compromises
Just like all other Hirsch Performance products, this brake upgrade and wheel set is compliant with EU homologation requirements and is shipped with the necessary documentation. Service intervals remain unchanged. The small number of moving parts exposed to the hot and corrosive environment ensures excellent reliability and durability. Vehicles equipped with Hirsch Performance products remain covered by Saab Original Warranty.

Included in the delivery, front axle only: brake discs and pads, callipers, supports and heatshields